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Congress Should End Corporate Welfare for Biodiesel

October 18, 2016 | It’s no secret that America’s tax code is riddled with carve-outs for special interests. But now we’re also learning that such corporate welfare allows fraud to flourish—at…

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Freedom Partners Leads Coalition of More Than 50 Organizations Calling on Congress to Stop the Obamacare Bailouts

October 12, 2016 | Arlington, VA — A coalition of more than 50 organizations, led by Freedom Partners, sent a letter to Capitol Hill today urging lawmakers to prevent a continued taxpayer bailout of the Affordable Care…

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Unlikely Critic Highlights Obamacare’s Failures

October 05, 2016 | Obamacare continues to be wildly unpopular – including among many of its supposed supporters. Case in point: Former President Bill Clinton has some harsh words for the failing health-care law. “The craziest…

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Majority of Americans Oppose Obamacare Bailouts

October 04, 2016 | Freedom Partners has released a new national survey showing a strong majority of Americans oppose having their hard-earned tax dollars used to bail out large health insurance companies that have lost…

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