Feb 16, 2017

No, The Humana News Doesn’t Mean Congress Should Double Down On Obamacare

In response to Humana’s decision to exit Obamacare’s marketplaces next year, some are suggesting that Republicans must take steps to save the law’s exchanges from complete collapse. Yet, as…

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Feb 15, 2017

Jim Cramer on the “Regressive,” Trillion-Dollar Border Adjustment Tax on American consumers

Jim Cramer hits the nail on the head on the Border Adjustment Tax calling it a “regressive tax,” and that it will hurt people. Watch the full clip below…

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Feb 15, 2017

“Border Adjustment” Tax Facing Trouble in the Senate

Bi-partisan Concern Over Unprecedented Trillion-Dollar Tax On Consumers House leaders are proposing a sweeping tax reform package to lower rates across the board. This bold effort should be applauded. But…

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Feb 08, 2017

What’s Next for Obamacare?

As Obamacare’s repeal looms over Congress, people are looking for its replacement. Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce has outlined what it believes is the best option moving forward—a targeted approach…

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Feb 06, 2017

What They’re Saying About Freedom Partners’ New Strategy Memo Outlining Targeted Solutions for Health Care Reform

The new memo maps out “a menu of policy options for reform and a strategy to push the legislation through Congress.”

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Feb 03, 2017

Putting U.S. Unemployment Numbers in Context – January 2017

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the unemployment rate for January 2017 was 4.8 percent and that the economy added 227,000 jobs. Added jobs are encouraging…

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Jan 31, 2017

A Targeted Approach to Health Care Reform

As President Trump and Congress continue working toward repealing Obamacare and debating what comes next, they should take heed of one of the law’s biggest flaws – its design. With Obamacare on…

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Jan 27, 2017

2016 Advanced Release: Obama Presides Over Slowest Economic Growth Since Eisenhower (1.4%)

Today, the U.S. Department of Commerce released its first estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) for the fourth quarter of 2016, announcing that the U.S. economy expanded at an annualized…

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Jan 24, 2017

White House Puts Freeze 0n Harmful Overtime Rule; Must Stay Focused on Reg Repeal

In a November memo to staff, then- EPA administrator Gina McCarthy made clear that the agency was to be “running – not walking – through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency.” This…

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Jan 17, 2017

The Real Impact of Obamacare: Health Care That Costs More

When it comes to health care, a clear majority of Americans say cost is their main concern. No wonder: Obamacare has created higher costs for millions of people throughout the country. Although…

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