About Us

Freedom Partners, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(6) chamber of commerce that promotes the benefits of free markets and a free society

Freedom Partners was first established as the Association for American Innovation in November 2011, and was later renamed to better reflect the organization’s mission. We have over 200 members and work with businesses, both large and small, to promote and preserve the foundations of a free society.

Freedom Partners’ principal goal is to educate the public about the critical role played by free markets in achieving economic prosperity, societal well-being, and personal happiness.  We seek to build support for a fiscally responsible government, and policies that support entrepreneurship, spur job creation, and increase opportunities for all. We focus primarily on four issue areas: health care reform, federal spending, energy policy, and cronyism.

Freedom Partners believes that the bedrock of the American republic is the ingenuity of its entrepreneurs and innovators. The free market is the lifeblood of innovation and a conduit for the infinite potential of human aspiration. We face a critical juncture in American history, as an increasingly cumbersome government bureaucracy erodes the freedoms that support a prosperous society. Only by getting the government out of the way will individuals be able to build a free and strong society.

We cannot do this alone. Partnerships are crucial. Therefore, Freedom Partners awards grants to organizations to conduct nonpartisan issue advocacy and bring these important societal and economic issues to the public’s attention. These relationships give Freedom Partners an opportunity to reach across the country to build coalitions that advance our mission.

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