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Our Health Care Will Improve With Two Key Ingredients: Competition and Choice

December 06, 2018 | The Department of Health and Human Services released a report Dec. 3 about how the federal government and the states might promote health care competition — and what reforms it will pursue in…

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With President Trump on Board, Leader McConnell Should Bring FIRST STEP Act to the Floor ASAP

November 14, 2018 | Arlington, VA – Today, President Trump endorsed the bipartisan FIRST STEP Act, legislation that will reduce crime and recidivism, make federal sentencing laws more just, and help people who want a second chance…

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Coalition to Congress: Put an End to Tax Extenders

December 07, 2018 | Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity joined a coalition of organizations spanning the political spectrum that wants Congress to put an end to corporate welfare in the form of temporary tax extenders. The…

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Tariff Tracker

December 06, 2018 | Tariffs work only for a few politically connected industries at the expense of most consumers and businesses. Economists have been saying it for years; history has shown it over and over. Trade…

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