Criminal Justice Reform

Aug 07, 2018

WATCH: Why Criminal Justice Reform is Good for the Economy

“Our criminal justice system has been a huge barrier to opportunity for people for the last 30-to-40 years,” said Freedom Partners Chairman Mark Holden.

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Apr 03, 2018

Tight Labor Market Demands New Thinking, Action

With employers increasingly desperate for qualified job applicants, as The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend, it’s critical that policymakers and companies alike adopt a new approach and swift action…

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Feb 01, 2018

President Trump’s Commitment to Reforming Broken Prison System Will Reduce Recidivism, Protect America’s Communities

President Donald Trump outlined his concern for the state our nation’s prisons and the need to reform criminal justice policies that too often return men and women back to society no…

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Dec 27, 2017

A Look Back on 2017 & Look Forward to 2018

As we prepare to ring in the New Year with celebration, we’d like to take a minute to reflect on the past year and our work with the administration and Congress…

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Oct 26, 2017

This is What Mens Rea Means. Here’s Why It’s Time to Update Our Mens Rea Requirements.

Mens rea is a legal term derived from the phrase “guilty mind” in Latin. Within the U.S. criminal justice system, mens rea requirements force prosecutors to generally prove that there is…

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