This year, more than two-thirds of all federal spending will go toward automatic, mandatory programs and interest payments that are non-negotiable in the federal budget.

Three of these programs—Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security—are on a path to bankruptcy and will consume a greater share of the federal budget with each passing year.

Without reform, these automatic spending programs—the main drivers of runaway federal debt—represent the greatest threat to the economic future of our country.

Something must be done now.

There are many places to start. For instance, auditors identified $125 billion in improper overpayments within entitlement programs in 2014 alone. Congress must eliminate this waste.

But that’s just a start. Politicians must find other places to act, and fast. Failure to do so will hamstring the economy—and harm the American people—for generations to come.

Jan 26, 2016

Freedom Partners: Washington Must Stop Ignoring Entitlement Crisis

Arlington, VA — The new budget and economic outlook released by the Congressional Budget Office yesterday indicates that Medicare’s hospital insurance trust fund will be exhausted within a decade. A report from…

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Nov 10, 2015

Congress Kicks Can Down the Road on Social Security Reform — But Not Very Far

When Congress approved the two-year budget deal on November 7, members of Congress who supported the bill on both sides of the aisle gave themselves a pat on the back for…

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Sep 11, 2015

Government Report: Medicare, Social Security on Road to Bankruptcy

The prognosis for Medicare and Social Security is in – and the fiscal health of the programs is grim. According to a report released in July by the trustees of both programs, Social…

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