Federal Subsidies

Nov 21, 2016

Congress is Right About Protecting Taxpayers in Lame Duck, Addressing Key Issues In 2017

Freedom Partners, Americans for Prosperity, and Coalition Allies Identify Main Priorities for Working With New Congress and Administration With the regular budget and appropriations process falling apart this year, Congress again needed…

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Nov 08, 2016

Cronyism Watch: Export-Import Bank

The Export-Import Bank is back in the news, and it’s not good news. Ex-Im watcher Timothy P. Carney of the Washington Examiner recently reported that “Three top President Obama…

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Oct 18, 2016

Congress Should End Corporate Welfare for Biodiesel

It’s no secret that America’s tax code is riddled with carve-outs for special interests. But now we’re also learning that such corporate welfare allows fraud to flourish—at…

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Oct 03, 2016

Corporate Welfare for Solar Companies Results in Wasted Tax Dollars

Washington’s power to pick winners and losers was recently on full display.    The Wall Street Journal…

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Jul 20, 2016

Corporate Welfare Spending Alert!

Last week a congressional committee responsible for funding government programs passed an amendment that, if enacted into law, would make it easier for the U.S. Export-Import Bank to authorize billions…

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Apr 11, 2016

Corporate Welfare in the FAA Reauthorization Bill

This week, the U.S. Senate is debating a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Unfortunately for taxpayers, the bill is loaded up with pork —  a.k.a. unrelated goodies…

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Mar 23, 2016

Congress Must Reject Using Aviation Bill to Pass Special Interest Tax Carve Outs

Election years are known in Washington for little legislating and lots of campaigning. As a result, there can be limited opportunities for lobbyists to get their favored projects and handouts passed into…

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Dec 21, 2015

Omnibus and Tax Extenders: Congress’ Christmas Presents to Special Interests

Last week, Congress approved a massive tax-and-spending package that contains a holiday gift for nearly every special interest you can think of. The deal combined $679 billion in tax breaks…

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Dec 04, 2015

There’s Nothing “Mystifying” About Opposing Special Interests

By: James Davis “Befuddlement.” That was how Politico described a lawmaker’s reaction to why Freedom Partners would advocate so strongly for something that doesn’t impact their bottom line. Here’s…

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Sep 28, 2015

VW’s Fraudulent Emissions Information Cost American Taxpayers $51 Million

Environmental groups are not the only ones that should be up in arms over the recent discovery that Volkswagen has been falsifying emissions tests for several of its diesel vehicles since 2009…

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