Federal Subsidies

Subsidies are direct payments that the government hands out to select communities, industries, businesses and individuals.

They prop up a particular economic activity or sector over their competitors.

These handouts take a number of forms, from payments to mega-farms to payments to airline carriers for flights that no one want—to a hundred other examples.

Unsurprisingly, these subsidies usually go to the wealthy or well-connected, even when they’re supposed to go to the needy. For example, the Community Development Block Grant program was developed to support low-income individuals and address immediate threats to community welfare where “no local funding is available.”

In 2012, however, none of the nation’s 10 poorest counties received any funding through the program. Eight of the 10 richest counties did—two of which, not surprisingly, are adjacent to the Washington, D.C. city limit with easy access to Capitol Hill.

That’s unjust. Politicians and bureaucrats have no business picking the economy’s winners and losers—only consumers have that right.

Feb 11, 2016

Get Rid of all Energy Subsidies, not Just Ethanol, Wind and Solar

Freedom Partners Policy Advisor Andy Koenig explains in an Investor’s Business Daily op-ed why it’s time to get rid of all energy subsidies.  Washington politicians love giving preferential treatment…

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Feb 06, 2016

Moderators, Ask These 5 Questions Tonight

Arlington, VA — With the national debt recently surpassing $19 trillion, out-of-control government spending is top-of-mind for the millions of Americans suffering under the sluggish U.S. economy. Both…

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Jan 08, 2016

Obama Administration Still Mismanaging Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Under Obamacare

Arlington, VA — A report released by the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General found that the federal government is unable to ensure that Obamacare subsidies are going to those…

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Dec 21, 2015

Omnibus and Tax Extenders: Congress’ Christmas Presents to Special Interests

Last week, Congress approved a massive tax-and-spending package that contains a holiday gift for nearly every special interest you can think of. The deal combined $679 billion in tax breaks…

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