Gas Tax

Mar 01, 2018

VIDEO | Every U.S. State Would Be Punished Under Unprecedented Federal Gas Tax Hike

Just as Americans are seeing the benefits of historic tax reform in the form of bigger paychecks more jobs and greater opportunity, some in Washington are proposing the largest gas tax in…

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Feb 22, 2018

CNBC on Gas Tax: ‘If You Just Passed Tax Cuts, Why Are You Raising Prices on Consumers?’

‘Those numbers are kind of painful’ Attempts to increase the federal gas tax have long been rejected by lawmakers due to the disproportionate – or “regressive” – burden it would impose on lower-and…

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Feb 21, 2018

VIDEO | Top Obama Stimulus Salesman Back to Support Gas Tax Hike

LaHood: “We need a big pot of money” Arlington, VA — Pressed in a morning news interview on criticisms that a 25-cent gas tax hike is a regressive tax on the American…

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Feb 20, 2018

REPORT: Every American Stands to Lose Under Unprecedented Gas Tax Increase

Pain at the pump felt greatest in Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Hawaii, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Connecticut and New Jersey Arlington, VA – Recent proposals to increase federal fuel taxes by as much…

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