Lower Costs

Skyrocketing health care costs are one of the greatest barriers to better health. Unfortunately, federal and state red tape and mismanagement prevent or reduce competition, driving up prices in the health care marketplace.

States can reverse this trend in a variety of ways, such as relaxing restrictions on telemedicine, giving nurse practitioners full scope of practice in areas where they are trained to act independently, and lifting certificate-of-need restrictions that prevent expansion of hospitals and medical practices.

Currently, 35 states have certificate-of-need laws that require hospitals to get government approval before expanding or creating new medical services in a community. These laws were intended to control health care costs, but because they are based on a top-down model of the economy, they have actually increased costs and decreased patient choices.

The federal government and the states need to work together to find common-sense solutions that increase competition and bring costs down for everyone.

Feb 08, 2017

What’s Next for Obamacare?

As Obamacare’s repeal looms over Congress, people are looking for its replacement. Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce has outlined what it believes is the best option moving forward—a targeted approach…

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Dec 19, 2016

Secretary Burwell’s “Facts” on Obamacare

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell tried desperately last week to gin up fear over plans to repeal Obamacare. First, Burwell claimed that repealing the law would…

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Nov 30, 2016

Taxpayers, Take Note of Obamacare Bailout Price Tag

If you unplugged during Thanksgiving, you may have missed the news that insurers have asked for an additional $6 billion dollars through an Obamacare program known as Risk Corridors, a temporary, three…

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Nov 07, 2016

Obamacare Unaffordable for Those Receiving Subsidies

It’s no secret that premiums are soaring under Obamacare   (RELATED: click here to see how much average rates are skyrocketing in your state).   But while the administration tries to downplay this…

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