Tax Credits

Mar 14, 2018

Defend Historic Tax Reform by Rejecting Corporate Welfare in All Forms, Starting with Tax Extenders

In an article entitled “Special interest groups to defend favorite tax breaks,” the Washington Examiner writes that “[r]epresentatives from a wide range of industries are set to appear before a House…

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Jul 21, 2017

VIDEO | Rep. Blackburn: Tax Reform’s Biggest Stumbling Block BAT is Off the Table

Is the controversial and widely rejected trillion-dollar Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) on imports finally being laid to rest? Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told Fox Business Network viewers that she believes…

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Apr 28, 2017

Border Adjustment Tax “Probably Dead” — White House Confirms Harmful Tax Not Part of Tax Reform Efforts

The U.S. Senate’s second ranking Republican says the proposed Border Adjustment TX (B.A.T.) – or 20-percent tax on imported goods proposed by Congress in order to pay for…

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Nov 01, 2016

Tax Extenders: Corporate Welfare for Energy Companies

EXPIRING CORPORATE WELFARE: LET IT DIE Dozens of special-interest tax giveaways are set to expire on December 31. But these provisions, which some in Congress want to extend, are nothing but…

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Oct 04, 2016

Tax Extenders Are Corporate Welfare

Today, Freedom Partners released a video highlighting some of the most egregious examples of corporate welfare in Washington, D.C.: Temporary tax preferences for big business. Most Americans have never heard of…

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Aug 24, 2016

$19.4 Billion in Corporate Welfare Congress Can Save Taxpayers This Year

We frequently hear people complain about the “do-nothing Congress” in Washington, D.C. But every so often, Congress doing nothing can yield a great result. At the end of this year…

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Apr 11, 2016

Corporate Welfare in the FAA Reauthorization Bill

This week, the U.S. Senate is debating a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Unfortunately for taxpayers, the bill is loaded up with pork —  a.k.a. unrelated goodies…

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Apr 05, 2016

Coalition Letter: Don’t Cram Unrelated, Expired Tax Carve-Outs into FAA

In December, Congress passed a $680 billion tax extender package that made many corporate tax carve-outs permanent. Even with this huge give away to well-connected businesses, more than two dozen…

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Mar 23, 2016

Congress Must Reject Using Aviation Bill to Pass Special Interest Tax Carve Outs

Election years are known in Washington for little legislating and lots of campaigning. As a result, there can be limited opportunities for lobbyists to get their favored projects and handouts passed into…

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Dec 21, 2015

Omnibus and Tax Extenders: Congress’ Christmas Presents to Special Interests

Last week, Congress approved a massive tax-and-spending package that contains a holiday gift for nearly every special interest you can think of. The deal combined $679 billion in tax breaks…

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