Freedom Partners supports expanding free trade, allowing consumer demand – rather than government – to determine the flow of goods and services across borders. History has shown that free trade increases overall prosperity and individual well-being.

Participation in the global marketplace means more people have access to more products and better prices. Free trade not only provides billions of new customers for American-made goods, but also enables Americans to obtain products and services at more affordable costs than ever before.

Freedom Partners opposes protectionist policies such as quotas and tariffs that limit free trade. Protectionism helps a select few large, established firms while harming smaller American companies. Workers, taxpayers and consumers are also hurt by policies such as tariffs and other protectionist restrictions that ultimately lead to corporate welfare, higher consumer prices, more poverty and government control.

Freedom Partners supports all efforts to empower American innovators, entrepreneurs and hard-working families to buy and sell goods and services based on their needs – not the preferences of politicians.

Apr 28, 2015

Holding Free Trade Hostage to Corporate Welfare is Washington at its Worst

Arlington, VA – Media reports suggested Monday that Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) may attempt to sink the trade promotion authority (TPA) “fast track” bill by linking it to a five-year reauthorization…

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