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Freedom Partners supports expanding American trade and eliminating all government-imposed trade barriers that unjustly restrict the equal right of all people to engage in the mutually beneficial and voluntary exchange of ideas, goods, and services. A society that embraces openness, including free exchange, fosters knowledge and innovation that allows people to improve their lives and contribute to helping others.

Trade is good for America. It provides billions of new customers for American-made goods, and enables Americans to buy quality products and services at more affordable prices – stretching the dollars they earn and improving their standards of living.

Protectionist policies — like quotas and tariffs — limit trade and hurt America. Not only do consumers end up paying more for everyday goods, but workers face lay-offs and smaller paychecks and business owners find their bottom lines hurting. And, these harmful policies encourage businesses to petition Washington bureaucrats for special exemptions and favors, giving the powerful and politically connected an unfair advantage over everyone else. That kind of is cronyism rigs the system and is not the American way.

American innovators and entrepreneurs, and hard-working men and women in cities and towns across the country, should be free to engage in mutually beneficial trade that improves lives and delivers widespread and lasting progress to all.


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Freedom Partners Statement: Tariffs Will Hurt American Manufacturers

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