Mar 02, 2016

2016 Obamacare Deductible Increase Tracker

Post by Derek Yale

After enduring double-digit premium increases and cancelled plans under the Affordable Care Act, surging out of pocket costs—specifically deductibles—are making it difficult for Americans across the country to access the health care plans they were mandated to purchase.

This year, Americans in 41 states face higher health care deductibles under the Affordable Care Act. Seventeen of those states are experiencing deductible increases in the double digits.

In many states consumers face deductibles of $3,000 or more.

Want to know where your state ranks? Type your state into the search bar below to view the average deductible increase per plan offered on the Affordable Care Act exchange, along with the weighted average deductible increase.  You can also sort or export the data.

2016 Exchange Deductible Increases by State

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Deductible data are sourced through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Enrollment data is sourced through publicly-available information on cms.govDeductible averages are weighted by total enrollment for each metallic level for plans offered on the marketplace.