Jan 30, 2019

5 Things We’d Like to Hear the President Say During the State of the Union Address

Post by Freedom Partners

Now that the date is set for the president to deliver this year’s State of the Union address, there are a few things we are hoping to hear from him as he addresses the nation.

Here are five things we’d like to hear President Donald Trump say during the State of the Union:

  1. “No more steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico.” Trade was one of the hot button issues of 2018. The United States reached a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, so it’s time to reel-in these specific tariffs. The next step will be prioritizing better trade agreements with countries such as China.
  2. “Support American technological innovation.” Privacy needs to be protected, especially in a world defined by technological progress. But we also need to protect the low-regulatory environment that allowed room for the experimentation and innovation that enabled America to become the tech giant it is today.
  3. “Time for the next step in criminal justice reform.” When the president signed the bipartisan First Step Act in December, he took a bold step toward making our criminal justice system more effective and humane. He should build on this momentum by ensuring his administration faithfully implements the new law and working with Congress on reforms that make the justice system fairer, improve public safety, save taxpayer dollars, and help people coming out of prison who have earned a second chance.
  4. “We have a permanent solution for Dreamers.” As we learned from The First Step Act, lawmakers can work together. It’s time to put aside differences and pass a permanent solution for DACA recipients. That solution can arrive hand-in-hand with enhanced border security, but Congress and the White House need to act. Dreamers have been unsure of their fate for far too long.
  5. “The national debt is a ticking time bomb. Time to fix that!” We’re nearly out of time to tackle the ever-growing national debt. We’re $22 trillion in the hole with Social Security and Medicare on paths to insolvency. The president should focus attention on the threat our debt poses and work with Congress to make tough, but necessary decisions about our out-of-control spending

This administration has accomplished a great deal, but there’s plenty of work left to do. We hope that the president will have only good news to report on trade agreements, criminal justice reform, regulations, comprehensive immigration reform and federal spending in his next State of the Union.