Nov 23, 2015

Americans on Obamacare: “We’re Getting Blasted”

Post by Derek Yale

The Affordable Care Act’s rising health care premiums, surging deductibles, failing CO-OPs, and high cost to businesses are causing very real pain for Americans. According to a November 13 poll, 52 percent of Americans disapprove of the Affordable Care Act. But don’t just take it from us. Here’s some quotes from news stories from everyday Americans about…

Skyrocketing Premiums

“That’s 300% MORE THAN MY PAYMENT JUST 2 YEARS AGO. I am furious beyond words!!!” — Terry Cessna, 70, Illinois (The Chicago Tribune11/16/15)

“We can’t afford $1,142 a month. Our income isn’t going up $300 a month.” — Linda Sabor, 59, Illinois (The Chicago Tribune11/16/15)

“We are dying here under the weight of insurance premiums. It’s like being dropped off a cliff every year when the new premiums come out.”  Kristi Nelson, 53, Minnesota (Duluth News Tribune, 11/21/15)

“We’re getting blasted. We try to treat things at home now, at least for the first week. We don’t take the kids to the health clinic as often. I’m getting frustrated because the cost takes a personal toll.” — Eric Elmquist, 37, Tennessee (The Wall Street Journal11/19/15)

…Being Forced To Switch Plans

“I’m not happy. I just don’t want to go through the hassle.” — Rudelene Rachiele, 63, Nevada (The Washington Post10/10/15)

“Every year I feel like I’m starting all over again, and I just dread it. My stress level just shoots up.” — Gail Galen, 63, Oregon (The New York Times, 11/18/15)

“I don’t have a regular doctor anymore, so I avoid going.” — David Saphier, New York (The New York Times, 11/18/15)

“It’s so confusing. It would be a lot easier if I could just renew the same plan.” — Alyssa Bernhardt, 28, Tennessee (The New York Times, 11/18/15)

“I’m like, oh God, here we go again.” Mary Stuart, 64, Nebraska (The New York Times, 11/18/15)

“I’m actually going to save money on my premiums this year, but it’s because I’ve taken a lesser plan. I think our insurance situation and our whole health care system is in a big crisis, and I don’t feel comfortable that it’s going to get any better.” — Robin Matthews, 53, North Carolina (The Wall Street Journal11/19/15)

…Not Being Able To Grow Their Small Businesses

“If you ramp up, and it pushes you over 50, there’s all these unknown costs and complicated rules. Are we really going to be able to benefit from going after that opportunity? It freezes you at a time when you need to be moving fast.”  — Joseph Sergio, Owner, Polar Clean (The New York Times11/18/15)

“I said, ‘Instead of paying you $50,000 and $15,000 in health care, I’ll pay you $65,000.’ You can’t go back on people and change the rules. No one wants a pay cut. I think it’s a very big deterrent to growth.” — Tony Lamb, Owner, Kona Ice (The New York Times11/18/15)

“I’m a single mom, and I’ve worked really hard at what I have, wanting to build something. It’s very frustrating that the government has put something in place that’s restricting the growth plan I’ve been working toward for a decade.” — LaRonda Hunter, Owner, Fantastic Sams Salons (The New York Times11/18/15)

“The margins are not big enough within our industry to support [hiring more people]. It’s not that I don’t want to — I love my employees, and I want to do everything I can for them — but the numbers just don’t work.”— LaRonda Hunter, Owner, Fantastic Sams Salons (The New York Times11/18/15)

…Surging Deductibles

“We could not afford the deductible. Basically I was paying for insurance I could not afford to use.” — Kevin Fanning, 59, Texas (The New York Times11/15/15)

“The deductible, $3,000 a year, makes it impossible to actually go to the doctor. We have insurance, but can’t afford to use it.” — David Reines, 60, New Jersey (The New York Times11/15/15)

“Our deductible is so high, we practically pay for all of our medical expenses out of pocket.” —Wendy Kaplan, 50, Illinois (The New York Times, 9/28/15)

“The deductibles are ridiculously high. I will never be able to go over the deductible unless something catastrophic happened to me. I’m better off not purchasing that insurance and saving the money in case something bad happens.” — Alexis C. Phillips, 29, Texas (The New York Times11/15/15)

“We can’t afford the Affordable Care Act, quite honestly. The intention is great, but there is so much wrong. . . . I’m mad.” — Cassaundra Anderson, 44, Ohio (The Boston Globe, 11/16/15)

“We’re in the process of looking at going without insurance. What am I even paying these insurance people for? Why should we reenroll?” — Cassaundra Anderson, 44, Ohio (The Boston Globe, 11/16/15)

“I cannot get anything with this insurance. Nothing. I just pay my monthly payments, try to take care of myself, go to work, and hope something serious doesn’t happen to me.” — Laura Torres, 62, Ohio (The Boston Globe, 11/16/15)