Nov 10, 2016

Congress Must Pass a Clean Funding Bill

Post by Derek Yale

Congress returns to D.C. next week for the start of the lame-duck session, and the big question is whether outgoing, unaccountable lawmakers will make one last “deal” with Harry Reid and President Obama that hikes spending, extends handouts to special interests, and leaves taxpayers in the lurch.
It’s critical that they don’t. Instead, they should simply pass a clean funding bill that allows the next president to debate other matters next year.
That’s exactly what some principled lawmakers are pushing their colleagues to do. Roll Call reports:
“Coming off a Republican election sweep, conservatives are pushing for a continuing resolution to extend government funding into the next year so that congressional Republicans can negotiate a spending package with GOP President-elect Donald Trump rather than Democratic President Obama.”
Freedom Partners Vice President of Policy Andy Koenig issued the following statement:
“The American people rejected business as usual in 2016, so Washington owes it to them to reject business as usual in the lame duck. Lawmakers should not allow Minority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama to pass pork-barrel projects and special interest handouts on their way out the door. When Congress returns, they should pass a clean spending bill and reject passing any additional legislation until the new president and Congress are in place in 2017.”
This is by far the best path forward. The American people deserve to have major policy issues debated among our newly elected leaders, not during a lame duck session. That’s why Congress should simply pass a clean spending bill and leave other matters until 2017.