Dec 04, 2015

Congress Should Stop President Obama’s Slush Fund for Foreign Countries

Post by Freedom Partners

President Obama is pledging support for a climate change treaty under discussion in Paris that would establish sweeping new commitments on emissions and energy production – and promise $3 billion in hard-earned taxpayer dollars for foreign countries.

According to the president’s budget, the “Green Climate Fund” would “help developing countries leverage public and private finance” to combat climate change, and “promote smart, sustainable long-term economic growth” in those countries.

What the White House doesn’t advertise is that this program will funnel taxpayer dollars to foreign countries without any accountability or oversight.

The fund was spearheaded by Hillary Clinton in 2009, when the then-Secretary of State promised that the United States would help raise $100 billion to assist developing countries.

While Secretary Clinton failed to specify how much of the $100 billion that the United States would contribute—President Obama has gotten specific by pledging $3 billion in funding from U.S. taxpayers. To put this in perspective, that’s $500 million more than the federal government will spend on all air traffic control and airports next year.

Addressing 180 nations this week, the president announced that “people should be confident that we’ll meet our commitments on climate change.”

The problem? These “commitments” won’t be dictated by the American people or their elected representatives. President Obama has promised to fulfill these financial commitments unilaterally—with or without any congressional approval or oversight.

Fortunately, Congress may be taking steps to slow the administration’s wasteful agenda.

Both the House and Senate recently passed legislation that would repeal the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, and the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, chaired by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), promised to block funding for the Green Climate Fund.

In a recent report, the committee vowed that the United States will not “provide taxpayer dollars to a U.N. slush fund for foreign bureaucrats without Congressional approval.”

Lawmakers should be applauded for their opposition to the Green Climate Fund. In the ongoing appropriations process, Congress should assert its constitutional role over the power of the purse and block the president’s attempt to send billions of taxpayer dollars overseas without oversight or accountability.