Apr 11, 2016

Corporate Welfare in the FAA Reauthorization Bill

Post by Freedom Partners

This week, the U.S. Senate is debating a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Unfortunately for taxpayers, the bill is loaded up with pork —  a.k.a. unrelated goodies that have no business flying on this particular plane.

Led by Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners and over 30 others sent a letter to Senators last week demanding that they oppose this corporate welfare. Today, AFP and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce are releasing a memo that outlines why tax credit giveaways to energy companies should not be included in the FAA bill or any other legislation.

Among other things, the memo highlights some of the worst examples of unrelated spending that reports indicated will be buried in the bill. This includes:

  • $23.8 billion in tax production credit for wind and renewable energy producers
  • $20 million in subsidies for film producers to shoot in specific locations
  • $95 million to the owners of racehorses
  • $95 million for the owners of motorsports arenas over 10 years

We strongly oppose this type of special treatment for select companies, not simply because it is unfair to other businesses, but also because it places a heavier tax burden on the millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of businesses that don’t get preferential treatment.

We’ll be watching this debate very closely because taxpayers deserve better than this. You can learn more by reading our memo, or by listening to our press call with our policy experts.