Dec 07, 2016

CR Protects Taxpayers From the Worst Special Interest Threats

Post by Derek Yale

Arlington, VA – Congress announced last night the details of a continuing resolution (CR) which would fund the government into next April. This fall, Freedom Partners and its coalition allies helped identify and oppose a number of specific threats to taxpayers that could have been included in a lame duck spending bill. Namely, bailouts for Obamacare, corporate welfare tax extenders, quorum changes at the Export-Import Bank, and breaking discretionary spending caps. While the CR still contains new spending that underscores the need to end the broken cycle of crisis budgeting, it does not include any of the key threats against which Freedom Partners fought.

Freedom Partners Vice President of Policy Andy Koenig issued the following statement:

“With hard work from our network, a sweeping election, and principled leaders standing their ground, we are happy to see that our chief priorities were protected in this CR. While taxpayers have traditionally been dealt ugly deals in lame ducks, we’re encouraged that lawmakers did not bend to Washington lobbyists working to secure special interest tax extenders, Obamacare bailouts, and billions in taxpayer giveaways from the Ex-Im Bank.

“As Freedom Partners has noted all year, the regular budget and appropriations process remains broken. This fact is highlighted by billions in new and emergency spending included in this last-minute bill. In the coming months, we will work with Congress to pursue a regular budget process next year that holds spending to levels promised under the Budget Control Act and avoids another eleventh-hour deal. Congress must also look toward addressing barriers to growth and opportunity like repealing Obamacare, achieving pro-growth tax reform, and overturning hundreds of harmful regulations heading into the new Congress and new administration.”