Jul 09, 2015

Freedom Partners Applauds Chairman Ryan and Senator Rubio for Opposition to Attaching Ex-Im Reauthorization to Highway Bill

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA — Freedom Partners today applauded House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio, who announced their opposition to any effort to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank by attaching it as an amendment to the must-pass highway bill.

Freedom Partners Senior Policy Advisor Andy Koenig issued the following statement:

“Washington shouldn’t be playing political games with our roads and bridges. A transportation bill should focus on transportation, not be molded by special interests into a vehicle to bring back the same corruption and cronyism that Congress let expire in June. Attempting to use the highway bill to revive Ex-Im will only make passage more difficult.”

Chairman Ryan and Senator Rubio on the Highway Bill

Chairman Paul Ryan: “I don’t support attaching Ex-Im to anything, let alone the highway bill.” (“Morning Money Breakfast Briefing With Rep. Paul Ryan,” Politico, 07/09/15)

Senator Marco Rubio: “I strongly oppose any effort to attach a reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank to a highway bill. . . . Congress should reject any effort to resuscitate it by attaching a reauthorization to a highway bill or any other ‘must pass’ bill being considered.” (“Export-Import Bank Should Not Be Revived In Highway Debate,” United States Senate, 07/09/15)

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