May 30, 2018

Freedom Partners Chairman Calls for a “Restorative and Rehabilitative Approach to Criminal Justice”

Post by Freedom Partners

Joining C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mark Holden discussed continued efforts to reform the criminal justice system to improve people’s lives. Asked about Freedom Partners’ goals for criminal justice reform, Holden said:

“We’re very focused on helping people improve their lives. We have a vision of our country, which is based on equal rights, and also on a society of mutual benefit where people succeed by helping others succeed. And so we look at different issues in our country, in our society, and try to remove barriers to opportunity when we see them.”

Holden pointed out how the current criminal justice system “creates a major poverty trap for generations,” and how Freedom Partners’ will continue to push for a “redemptive and restorative and rehabilitative approach to criminal justice” to help people re-enter society as better people and citizens, while eliminating barriers.

Freedom Partners continues to reaffirm its commitment to help reform the broken criminal justice system to provide more opportunities for the disadvantaged and create a more just civil society.