Jun 28, 2016

Freedom Partners’ Koenig Discusses Occupational Licensing on “Full Measure”

Post by Freedom Partners

Freedom Partners Senior Policy Advisor Andy Koenig discussed the impact of occupational licensing laws on a recent episode of Full Measure, a weekly Sunday television news program.

“Millions of people, according to recent studies, are now out of the workforce because of these requirements, and it really disproportionately hurts the least advantaged,” said Koenig. “People who are…graduating high school or college and looking for a job. People who lost their job in the recession and are looking to start a new career, become entrepreneurs. Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan trying to get back into the workplace.”

Occupational licenses, or government permission slips, are required to work in a variety of professions.  While they vary from state to state, many require classroom training, examinations and fees that can cost job seekers and entrepreneurs considerable time and money.

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