Apr 25, 2018

Freedom Partners Presses Washington to Act on Key Issues

Post by Freedom Partners

In an op-ed on CNN.com, Freedom Partners Executive Vice President James Davis called on Congress to restrain federal spending; enact a solution for Dreamers; pass criminal justice reform; and adopt a right-to-try law. In addition, the column expands on and reinforces the more aggressive approach by the organization to drive public policy changes and to get Congress to work together on these critical issues.

Here are some key excerpts.

Spending restraint

“Congress, whether under Democratic or Republican control, no longer appears capable of reining in out-of-control spending … The time for lawmakers to demonstrate their commitment to fiscal prudence is when they are casting votes to spend the American people’s money.”

Permanent solution for Dreamers

“[L]awmakers from both parties seem to be more interested in treating Dreamers as a political bargaining chip than human beings with the potential to contribute to our country. In the process, they not only keep millions of people trapped in legal purgatory, but also turn their backs on one of our country’s greatest traditions: welcoming people who wish to better themselves and our country, no matter their background.”

Criminal justice reform

“People on both sides of the political divide have come together in states across the country to address this problem. Congress, meanwhile, has done little for its part.”

Right-to-try legislation

“The concept enjoys broad bipartisan support; 39 states have right-to-try laws. But the two chambers can’t seem to find common ground and get a bill to the president. Meanwhile, lives are literally at stake.”


“If lawmakers merely run out the clock on another legislative session rather than doing the jobs they were elected to do, then, come November, many Americans will justifiably ask whether their senators and representatives deserve another term. It’s a question that organizations within the Seminar Network are asking right now.”

“In the coming weeks, we will be stepping up our efforts to push congressional action on a whole host of initiatives, including Dreamers, criminal justice reform, right-to-try, and responsible government spending, to start. We will also fight to defend trade, arguably the most effective anti-poverty program in human history. As we engage on each of these issues, we will be looking for allies wherever we can find them — on the left, the right, or in the middle.”

The full article is available on the CNN.com website. Read and share!