Mar 20, 2017

Freedom Partners Releases New Video In Support Of Judge Neil Gorsuch

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – Today, Freedom Partners released a video in support of Judge Neil Gorsuch highlighting what media and pundits are saying about Judge Neil Gorsuch’s resounding qualifications for the Supreme Court. The video, which makes the case for a swift and fair confirmation, features numerous members of the media citing Gorsuch’s unparalleled experience and principled approach.


ABC’s Terry Moran: “Justice Gorsuch if he is confirmed brings a warmer and more collegial, perhaps, attitude to the debates around the law.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “It sounds, … like the Democrats are going to have a tough time finding opportunities to go after this nominee”

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Thomas Dupree: “He has fidelity to the rule of law and to our constitution, and he’s a nice guy to boot.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “He’s going to make a very good, one-on-one first impression with a lot of these democratic senators. I think it is going to be much harder for them to unify, and be against and force a filibuster after he spends one-on-one time with them.”

ABC’s Kate Shaw: “He’s a very impressive person. I think he’s someone who’s going to be difficult for Democrats to stay unified in opposing.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “This should be a layup. He meets all of the criteria.”