Jan 06, 2017

Reg Reform Roadmap

Post by Derek Yale

Report Provides First Policy Strategy To Cut Red Tape & Repeal Regulatory Overreach In 2017

Arlington, VA – With major regulatory reform legislation already moving through the new Congress, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce is presenting lawmakers with an action plan to address the regulatory behemoth that has built up during the past eight years of the Obama Administration. The first-of-its kind plan gives lawmakers a roadmap to undoing dozens of harmful, job-destroying regulations and will serve as a central part of Freedom Partners’ issue advocacy and accountability efforts in the coming year.

Repealing existing federal regulations is not a simple task. Based on where a regulation is in the finalization process, different rules will need to be addressed through different policy remedies and legal avenues. In order to successfully roll back the myriad of regulations proposed and finalized over the past eight years, Congress and the Trump Administration will need to pursue several methods of repeal and reform.

Freedom Partners Vice President of Policy Andy Koenig issued the following statement:

“Over two terms, the Obama Administration has amassed more than 600 major rules and regulations costing the economy a backbreaking $700 billion.

“These three steps give Congress a roadmap to undoing and dismantling these barriers to growth that have been weighing on the economy. It is important for this Congress to end the government overreach of the past eight years and give American businesses and workers an environment that finally allows them to succeed, and doesn’t hold them back.

“Comprehensive regulatory reform is still the ultimate goal. But this strategy can help to unravel eight years of regulatory overreach starting immediately.”

How can Congress tackle these barriers to growth in the first 100 days of the Trump Administration, as well as the long-term? The Freedom Partners strategy lays out a three-pronged plan that identifies which regulations can be shown the door, when, and how.

Step 1: The First 100 Days

Executive actions, proposed regulations, and regulations finalized after May, 2016:

  • Executive Actions and Proposed Regulations: President Trump can unilaterally rescind any executive action signed by President Obama and all proposed regulations that have yet to be finalized.
  • Regulations Recently Finalized: Under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress can avoid a Senate filibuster to repeal regulations finalized during the last 60 legislative days.

Step 2: Entrenched Regulations

Regulations finalized before June, 2016, can be repealed in at least one of three ways:

  • Executive Rulemaking: Rescinding and replacing regulations not subject to the CRA will require agencies to go through the full rulemaking process. The president should have agencies start immediately.
  • Legislation: Congress can and should pass legislation to overturn or defund regulations that were finalized before June, 2016.
  • Judicial Review: For regulations being challenged in court, President Trump should direct agencies to slow their implementation, refuse to defend these rules, or accept favorable decisions.

Step 3: Political Accountability

Freedom Partners will hold lawmakers accountable for opposing regulatory relief:

  • Floor Time: Congressional leaders should devote floor time to voting on regulations and putting lawmakers on the record regarding President Obama’s most harmful regulations.
  • Voter Education: Freedom Partners and allied organizations will educate voters about their elected representatives’ positions on regulations that impose barriers to opportunity for hardworking families.