Oct 28, 2015

Freedom Partners Statement on Budget Deal

Post by Derek Yale

Arlington, VA — Today, the House passed a budget deal that will add to our debt and increase discretionary government spending by $153 billion. The deal means Representatives from both parties have broken their promise to the American people to cap runaway spending— a promise they made when they signed the bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2011 and agreed upon reasonable spending limits. 

The budget deal was negotiated by President Obama and party leaders behind closed doors, and it will not be subject to any amendments.

Freedom Partners President Marc Short issued the following statement: 

“This deal brokered behind closed doors breaks Washington’s bipartisan promise to rein in spending and asks hardworking taxpayers to pay for it. It’s disappointing that many Representatives who claim to be fiscally responsible have united with President Obama and his Democrat allies to support spending increases. Our current national debt exceeds $18 trillion — Congress should be tightening their belts just like families all across America, instead of asking taxpayers to pick up the tab on their spending spree.”