Jun 13, 2016

Freedom Partners Unveils Stop, Cut & Fix: A Plan to Reduce Spending and Provide Economic Certainty

Post by Derek Yale

Today, Freedom Partners and a coalition of four other groups released Stop Cut & Fix – a responsible appropriations plan that would cut spending and provide economic certainty.

Stop Cut & Fix is a response to Washington’s reckless spending that is quickly driving America toward an economic cliff. If we continue on the same path, within 15 years the national debt will double, Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt, and interest payments to lenders – including foreign countries – will more than triple.

The Stop Cut & Fix plan lays out three simple actions Congress can take to put America back on the path to fiscal sanity:

  • Stop budgeting by crisis: Congress should end the cycle of budgeting by crisis and pass a long-term appropriations bill.
  • Cut federal spending: Congress should lock real spending cuts into place no matter who becomes the next president.
  • Fix our broken budget process. Congress should change budget rules that encourage higher spending and return to a regular order process.

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