Jun 12, 2015

Freedom Partners Urges Congress to Support Free Trade

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA — With Congress set to vote on free trade legislation today, Freedom Partners Senior Policy Advisor Andy Koenig issued the following statement urging lawmakers to support the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA):

“International trade is one of the most effective means of increasing individual opportunity and well-being here and abroad. Congress should support this legislation that will help American entrepreneurs compete, spur economic growth and bolster our position as the leader in the global market. Since the recession, our economy has been held back by harmful regulations, reckless spending and an unchecked growth of government. Free market leaders should embrace this opportunity to make it easier for businesses to find new markets and thrive, while ensuring Congress continues to have final say over any deal. TPA is a chance for Washington to move us closer to realizing the benefits of open international trade.”


Download the PDF here