Oct 02, 2018

ICYMI: Trade Builds America: A Conversation on the Harm of Tariffs and Protectionism

Post by Freedom Partners

Tuesday, Sept. 25, the Trade Builds America event featured Steve Forbes, U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall (R-KS), a farmer, retailer, and manufacturers all speaking about the ripple effects tariffs are having on our economy as well as how free trade benefits all Americans.

Trade advocates urge administration to drop tariffs: In a letter, Americans for Prosperity, Coalition of American Metal Manufacturers and Users, Farmers for Free Trade, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, The LIBRE Initiative, National Retail Federation and Retail Industry Leaders Association wrote, “The tit-for-tat tariff escalation with America’s trading partners has harmed small business owners, workers, farmers, manufacturers, and consumers. Americans rely on free trade, and we are seeing the negative effects across the country as businesses are laying off workers to respond to the rising costs of tariffs. … Trade creates millions of jobs and provides affordable prices for goods and services, providing Americans an opportunity to succeed and thrive. … While our organizations may not agree on every issue, we have come together to express unified concern and opposition to the destructive force that tariffs represent for our business owners, workers, and consumers. We encourage you to end the tariffs and to help the American economy continue its booming growth.”

Steve Forbes: “… Banish the word tariff. Tariff is another way of saying ‘sales tax’ … when people hear the word ‘sales tax,’ the light goes on: Not good.” (Steve Forbes, 9/25/18).

Inside Trade: “Marshall pointed to his district’s farmers, who are taking hits due to tariffs imposed by other countries as retaliation for Trump administration moves. They still support the president, he said, but they need markets. A completed NAFTA 2.0, he suggested, might ensure “they can hang on for another season.” (Inside Trade, 9/25/18)

Twice: “When independent dealer Ron Romero speaks, the industry listens, and now he’s hoping the Trump administration will follow suit. … Speaking from those bully pulpits, and at the podium today during a “Trade Builds America” forum in Washington, Romero decried this country’s mounting tariffs, which he said are certain to hurt his business and customers. … Romero predicted that [tariffs on] $200 billion in Chinese goods that went into effect yesterday would lead to price increases for dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances he sells, and would ultimately be paid for by consumers.” (Twice, 09/25/18)

National Retail Federation: “Tariffs are taxes that will cause sticker shock for our customers and ultimately lead to fewer sales and make it harder for us to grow and create jobs in our community,” Romero said. “The majority of the appliances we sell are assembled by domestic manufacturers but rely on imported components that are being hit by tariffs. It simply doesn’t make sense why Washington is making it more expensive to produce goods here in the United States. That will only mean higher costs for American families and small businesses like mine.”

Romero said the latest round of tariffs announced by the administration would lead to price increases passed on to consumers for dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances in his stores, which employ more than 90 Nebraskans.” (National Retail Federation, 9/25/18)