Jun 13, 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: Trade Fuels U.S. Economy, Jobs and Businesses

Post by Freedom Partners

Trade is a key element of our economy and promotes the well-being and prosperity of Americans. It empowers individuals, companies and countries to exchange goods and services, opening new markets and providing consumers a wider range of affordable products.

Millions of American jobs and businesses — both large and small — are dependent on trade.

Trade, and the benefits it produces, is responsible for lifting millions of Americans out of poverty, improving the standard of living, and modernizing our economy.

Policies that restrict the ability of Americans to trade, including tariffs, put our economy at risk and jeopardize our economic futures.

For a thriving U.S. economy and more prosperous nation, our policymakers must look for solutions that embrace trade and the many benefits it provides.

Here are more details on how trade benefits Americans: