Mar 19, 2019

James Davis, Daniel Garza and Tim Phillips Discuss Trade and Immigration at National Review Online

Post by Freedom Partners

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips, Freedom Partners Executive Vice President James Davis and The LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza met with National Review Editor Rich Lowry on the site’s podcast, The Editors, on March 8.

Davis began by explaining the core mission of the Seminar Network.

“Ultimately, what we believe is core [is that] there are no ordinary people. Everyone has a gift. They have to find it, and when they do, they’re capable of extraordinary things,” Davis said.

“We’re focused on removing the barriers that prevent them from succeeding. This is really the focus of our network. And we’re uniting [to] unleash this potential in everyone. It’s not an us-vs-them paradigm. We’re really looking at how we can bring people together to solve these big, big challenges that our country faces,” Davis said.

Davis connected the success of this strategy to the recent enactment of criminal justice reform.

“Both Republicans and Democrats have failed to come together on issues even where there’s broad agreement. So, we look at criminal justice reform as one example of that … and it got overwhelming bipartisan support,” he said.

“But that started by going and building a coalition,” Davis noted.

The four also focused their discussion on international trade and American immigration policy.

“There’s a lot of agreement that we’ve ceded too much power to the executive here on trade,” Davis said.

“Of course we want the president to … be able to go out and strike good trade deals for America, but, at the same time, Congress has a responsibility to make sure that we’re not putting additional barriers in place, that are new taxes, that are running up the costs of goods and services for the American people,” Davis noted.

Later in the segment, Phillips noted the immense harm to businesses and their employees caused by tariffs. Profit-sharing between Ford auto workers took a loss between $750 and $1,850 per worker.

Garza also spoke to Lowry on the topic of immigration. Garza noted that immigration makes America stronger and more prosperous.

“We know … immigrants to be industrious, hardworking and innovative. They have that entrepreneurial spirit that is very American,” Garza said.

“And certainly, they’ve contributed to our economy and our military might — and that they’ve defended our nation with the blood of their sons and daughters,” Garza said.

Listen to the full interview at National Review Online.