Oct 04, 2016

Majority of Americans Oppose Obamacare Bailouts

Post by Freedom Partners

Freedom Partners has released a new national survey showing a strong majority of Americans oppose having their hard-earned tax dollars used to bail out large health insurance companies that have lost money due to Obamacare.

At this very moment, the Obama administration is attempting to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to health insurers to prop up its crumbling signature law. But a recent survey shows that 55 percent of Americans oppose this move. When they learn that the administration is already breaking the law with these bailouts, this number rises to nearly 60 percent.

Additionally, the survey found that 72 percent of Americans believe lawmakers’ efforts would be better focused on fixing the overall problems with health care – skyrocketing premiums, unaffordable deductibles, availability of and accessibility to quality care – rather than bailing out insurers.

And the survey also found that Americans are less likely to vote for someone who supports these taxpayer-funded bailouts.

The survey was conducted shortly after senior Obama administration officials admitted one of the administration’s biggest priorities before leaving office is continuing a massive taxpayer-funded bailout to keep Obamacare afloat.

Within the past few weeks, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt told Congress he is working on plans to further fully bail out the insurers participating on the Obamacare exchanges. His remarks followed on the heels of a memo released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicating it is exploring opportunities to hand over potentially billions more of taxpayer dollars to insurance companies.

The survey’s results make clear the idea of continuing to bail out insurers who have lost money due to Obamacare is highly unpopular, particularly at a time when millions of Americans are being forced to pay more for their health care through higher premiums and deductibles or are flat-out seeing their current coverage canceled.

“America is headed down a path of becoming a two-tiered society, thanks in large part to cronyism and corporate welfare policies that rig the system at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers,” said Freedom Partners Executive Vice President James Davis.

“That’s exactly what these bailouts represent, and it’s not surprising to see a majority of people oppose them,” he said. “Americans want real solutions that actually improve the quality of health care and make it more affordable – not more taxpayer-funded bailouts.”

Freedom Partners opposes any Obamacare bailout and will hold accountable politicians who support it.

Visit “Bust the Bailouts” to learn more.

The national survey was conducted September 28-29, 2016 among 1,029 adults by Toluna, Inc.