Sep 06, 2017

New Digital Ad Highlights 2018 Premium Increases, Warns Lawmakers Against Wasting More Taxpayer Money to Prop Up Obamacare

Post by Geoff Holtzman

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners released a new digital ad today highlighting the significant premium increases that have been requested in several states, and urging Congress to oppose efforts to continue propping up the failing law on the backs of hardworking taxpayers.

The ad shows how individual plan premiums could explode by an average of 48 percent in Maryland, 45 percent in Nevada, 32 percent in Tennessee, and 48 percent in Wyoming. Nationally, proposed 2018 rates are up almost 22 percent compared to this year’s rates, which climbed 25 percent from 2016.

Freedom Partners Vice President of Policy Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement:

“The billions in taxpayer handouts that have propped up Obamacare for years have resulted in fewer choices and an average individual premium increase of 105 percent. Squeezing more money out of Americans to continue subsidizing a law that’s hurting them is indefensible – it’s time for real solutions that provide real relief.”

Since 2013 when Obamacare’s key provisions took effect, average individual premiums have skyrocketed by 105 percent. This, despite the fact that the law has been propped up for years with billions in taxpayer handouts to insurers and other special interests.

Now, after having failed to repeal Obamacare, as many lawmakers have promised to do for years, some in Congress want to continue throwing billions more in taxpayer money at the problem.

As the ad states, “instead of relief, some in Congress want to keep bailing out the failing law by giving billions more of your tax dollars to special interests.”

“It’s time for real solutions,” the ad concludes, “not more subsidies to prop up Obamacare.”

Click here to watch the new ad.



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