Jul 18, 2017

Why Reform the Tax Code? Fairness

Post by Freedom Partners

Why do Americans need tax reform? 70% of the corporate tax rate falls on American workers, while special-interest groups find trillions of dollars in loopholes.

It’s time to bring fairness to our tax code. The tax code is loaded with $1.5 trillion in carve outs and loopholes thanks to the work of about 4,000 Washington, DC tax lobbyists. Americans deserve a fair tax code that doesn’t favor the rich and well-connected over the least fortunate struggling to get by.


Freedom Partners continues to urge Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) and House leaders to unify Americans around a plan for comprehensive tax reform, focusing on the principles of a simplified, more efficient, equitable and predictable tax code – without placing new burdens on taxpayers.