May 25, 2018

Save Our Spending… Before It’s Too Late

Post by Freedom Partners

America reached an unfortunate milestone recently.

After the passage of the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill this past March, Washington’s total annual spending rose above $4 trillion for the first time in American history. This unchecked, reckless spending only spells greater uncertainty for the future of the American economy.

President Trump noted when signing the most recent omnibus spending bill, “I will never sign another bill like this again.”

This may be President Trump’s intent, but unless lawmakers in Washington are willing to address America’s spending crisis – and soon – this is a situation that will continue to spin out-of-control.

Congress will have the opportunity to rein in irresponsible spending this year when considering spending legislation for fiscal year 2019. This effort will represent the last chance members of Congress have to prove they are effective stewards of taxpayer resources before the midterm elections this coming fall.

Fortunately, help is on the way. Americans for Prosperity announced the start of a campaign that will hold both Republicans and Democrats accountable for their records on wasteful spending and thank the leaders who stand up for taxpayers and the long-term viability of the American economy.

The effort will feature a video and website,, to inform the American people about the importance of reducing excessive and out-of-control federal spending, while urging citizens to tell lawmakers to control the issue.

Politico reports: “The campaign will target 10 Republicans who joined with Democrats to approve the $1.3 trillion omnibus — a bill that stoked an uprising among fiscal hawks in Washington. The ads will run in print and online, alongside radio messages and mailers.” (“Koch group aims ad buy at House GOP appropriators who backed omnibus,” Politico, 5/24/18)

The Associated Press added: “The group also is running ads thanking other lawmakers who opposed the big funding bill. The ads come as many members of Congress are campaigning ahead of the midterm election.” (“Koch-aligned group runs ads against big spending in Congress,” Associated Press, 5/23/18)

Stopping Washington’s undependable spending habits won’t be an easy task, but holding lawmakers accountable for their actions is the best step towards motivating them to take effective action.