Aug 04, 2017

Sen. Heitkamp’s Calls for Tax Reform

Post by Freedom Partners

Over 70 percent of Americans think the economy is rigged in favor of the rich and powerful—and they’re right. Our tax code is a complicated mess of carve outs and loopholes that benefit the well-connected at the expense of everyday American families. In fact, handouts and tax breaks for special interests are expected to exceed $1.5 trillion this year.

After more than 30 years, lawmakers on Capitol Hill have the chance to un-rig the economy and implement real comprehensive reform that can grow the economy and expand opportunity for all Americans.

Freedom Partners has been urging Congress to pass comprehensive tax reform that creates a simplified, more efficient, equitable and predictable tax code – without placing new burdens on taxpayers.

That’s the kind of comprehensive tax reform effort North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp has supported in the past. She’s spent this year calling for “broader tax reform policies” rather than a piecemeal approach.

Heitkamp claims she supports tax reform that levels the playing field instead of benefiting special interests. “We also must make sure that any tax reform has to work for families just trying to put food on the table,” Heitkamp said in February.

It’s time for Heitkamp to put her words into action and support a reform plan that un-rigs the economy for every American.

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Freedom Partners is highlighting remarks from key senators who have – in their own words – long-advocated for overhauling the U.S. Tax code to grow the economy, lower tax rates, close loopholes and special interest tax breaks, and encourage American businesses to compete globally.

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