Sep 19, 2016

Taxpayers Deserve Better

Post by Paige Agostin

The now typical end-of-year battle for funding in Washington is in full swing.  With a September 30 deadline, discussions around Capitol Hill seemed to indicate that the Senate would go first. A procedural vote on the spending deal is set for this evening a few hours after the Senate gavels back in. What could go wrong?

For starters, there is still no bill text. No one has seen the bill, yet the Senate is still expecting to vote on it in a few hours. The absurdity might be funny if it weren’t so serious. We’re talking about funding for the entire federal government.

Another question the taxpayer might be asking is, why? A continuing resolution seems pretty simple. It is supposed to work just the way it sounds, the whole federal government continues on exactly as it has been all year, just change the dates on when spending runs out, right?  Why would that take so long? Clearly, there is something more nefarious going on.

Could it be that the politicians haven’t yet decided what else to load into the bill? Politicians and their friends on K Street will be working to shove favors into this must past bill. As it stands, the Senate is being asked to vote on a bill they haven’t seen in hopes that few will notice what else has been added to it. We’ve seen the reports about extra health care spending, but taxpayers should be asking what else might be vying for a free ride and demand that their representatives put a stop to the spectacle.

We’ve outlined the threats before. They include a taxpayer bailout of the disastrous failure of Obamacare, changes to the Export-Import Bank that will put taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in corporate welfare and tax handouts to special interests like NASCAR, Hollywood and green energy businesses.  

Taxpayers deserve better from their elected representatives.