Jan 29, 2019

The U.S. and China Should Commit to Lowering Barriers to Trade

Post by Freedom Partners

U.S. and Chinese representatives are scheduled to meet in Washington,D.C., on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to discuss how to resolve the trade war.

There is a solution that would enable both sides to win — taking down barriers to trade.

Across the country, Americans are being harmed by tariffs and the retaliation they’ve invited from abroad. Farmers who can’t sell their products overseas are forced to let them spoil or take deep cuts in their profits to move them. Consumers are paying higher prices to cover the costs of these tariffs.

What’s more, businesses that purchase many of the component parts for their products from other countries are feeling the sting from these taxes.

After all, that is what tariffs are — taxes paid by American consumers and businesses. And they come with a steep cost.

We hope a swift resolution to the trade war will be found, starting with these talks. Dropping tariffs and other trade barriers is in the interest of both nations and will promote greater prosperity.