Nov 04, 2015

Today’s Ex-Im Vote: Everything Americans Despise About Washington

Post by Derek Yale

Arlington, VA — Today the U.S. House of Representatives will take a series of votes about whether to revive the Export-Import Bank as part of entirely unrelated must-pass transportation funding legislation.

Freedom Partners strongly opposes any highway bill that includes Ex-Im reauthorization but supports good-faith attempts by lawmakers to limit the bank’s risk to taxpayers through amendments.

Freedom Partners Senior Policy Advisor Andy Koenig Issued The Following Statement:

“The only thing worse than using unrelated funding bills to bring back this corporate welfare bank would be doing it without the reforms that even Ex-Im supporters have said it needs. Congress should support efforts to bring accountability to this corrupt government program and oppose any measure that would bring it back to life.”

Ex-Im Supporters Admit The Bank Needs Reforms

Rep. Stephen Fincher Was Joined By 57 Republican Members Of Congress In Calling For Ex-Im Reforms, Arguing That The Export-Import Bank Is “In Dire Need Of Major Reforms.” “Congressman Stephen Fincher (R-TN) today made the following statement regarding H.R. 597, The Reform Exports and Expand the American Economy Act, to reform the U.S. Export-Import Bank which was introduced and cosponsored by 58 Members of Congress. ‘The U.S. Ex-Im Bank has been a job-creator since its inception, yet it is in dire need of major reforms to ensure its ability to continue creating jobs at no expense to the taxpayer. In reforming the Ex-Im Bank, we’ll make its practices more accountable and transparent than ever before. We’ll also enhance taxpayer protections by requiring the Bank to become more solvent and self-sufficient.’” (Rep. Stephen Fincher, “58 Members of Congress Support Ex-Im Reform Legislation,” Press Release, 01/28/15)

“Cosponsors Include: Aderholt, Amodei, Barletta, Bost, Boustany, Bucshon, Calvert, Cole, Collins, Comstock, Costello, Cramer, Crawford, Crenshaw, Davis, Dold, Gibbs, Gibson, Graves, Hanna, Harper, Hartzler, Hultgren, Hunter, Johnson, Jolly, Joyce, Katko, Kelly, King, Kinzinger, LoBiondo, Long, Lucas, MacArthur, Marino, Meehan, Mica, Mullin, Newhouse, Pitts, Reed, Reichert, Rice, Rogers, Schock, Shimkus, Shuster, Stefanik, Stivers, Thompson, Tiberi, Turner, Valadao, Wagner, Walorski, and Wilson.” (Rep. Stephen Fincher, “58 Members of Congress Support Ex-Im Reform Legislation,” Press Release, 01/28/15)

Senator Mark Kirk and Rep. Stephen Fincher: “We Agree . . . That The Export-Import Bank Needs To Be Reformed.” (Mark Kirk and Stephen Fincher, “Reform The Ex-Im Bank And Bring It Back,” Wall Street Journal, 10/25/15)

Here’s The Thing . . .

Rep. Stephen Fincher “Changed [His Reauthorization] Bill At The Last Minute And Removed A Dozen Reforms.” (“Ex-Im Bait and Switch,” Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, 10/23/15)

The Amendments Were “Supposedly Designed To Keep Money From Flowing To Human Rights Abusers, Encourage Private Lending, Protect Taxpayers From Fraud, Increase Accountability, And Make Transactions More Transparent.” (“Ex-Im Bait and Switch,” Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, 10/23/15)