Apr 10, 2018

Trump Administration Rule Gives States More Flexibility Over Insurance Standards

Post by Freedom Partners

As Americans continue to face skyrocketing increases to insurance premiums under Obamacare, the Trump Administration has been working to implement policy changes to drive down costs. Yesterday, the administration announced a new rule that will give states greater flexibility in determining mandatory health benefits. This move is another step in the right direction towards fostering more competition and expanding affordable options for consumers.

As The Wall Street Journal Reports:

“The Trump administration will give states leeway to winnow down the mandatory health benefits guaranteed to consumers who buy Affordable Care Act insurance plans, under a rule issued Monday.
The changes to the ACA plans reflect the administration’s goal of dismantling former President Barack Obama’s signature health law and transferring more health-policy decisions to the states. Republicans say federal requirements on health policy and benefits have led to rising premium prices for people who buy their own insurance.

“Too many Americans are facing skyrocketing premiums that they can’t afford, and every year consumers are faced with the threat of fewer choices,” CMS Administrator Seema Verma said Monday.
The administration has repeatedly said returning control to the states will spur innovation and competition that will lower prices. “

While this is certainly progress, the administration and Congress should continue to look for ways to provide Americans more affordable health care options by removing barriers to competition and stripping away burdensome mandates and regulations.