Oct 27, 2017

VIDEO | What Has Baldwin Done For Wisconsin?

Post by Freedom Partners

“I know of nothing that she’s done to help working people like us,” says Chris, President of the Northwest Builders, Inc. in a new testimonial ad for Freedom Partners.

Five times Senator Baldwin has voted to raise taxes for the hardworking people of Wisconsin. Chris, a Wisconsin business owner has seen this happen too often as Senator Baldwin supported trillions of dollars in new taxes to the benefit of well-connected special interests. All this comes at the expense of hardworking Americans who deserve more jobs, higher wages and greater financial security to save and invest in their futures.

As Congress moves ahead in its effort to deliver a simpler, fairer and flatter tax code and historic tax relief Americans deserve, Baldwin remains opposed. “If Tammy Baldwin opposes tax reform, it’s proof she opposes jobs, higher wages” says Chris.    

Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce recently launched a new $1.6 million television and digital ad campaign in Wisconsin highlighting Senator Baldwin’s long history of supporting higher taxes and preserving a broken system rigged against ordinary Americans.


Wisconsin Deserves Better

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