Mar 01, 2018

VIDEO | Every U.S. State Would Be Punished Under Unprecedented Federal Gas Tax Hike

Post by Freedom Partners

Just as Americans are seeing the benefits of historic tax reform in the form of bigger paychecks more jobs and greater opportunity, some in Washington are proposing the largest gas tax in history in order to pay for improvements to the nation’s infrastructure.

According to a new report from Freedom Partners and Americans for Prosperity, drivers in every U.S. state would pay up to hundreds of dollars more each year at the pump, effectively negating much of the benefits they have received from historic tax relief.

Raising the gas tax not only affects those who drive, but would also  indirectly impact all Americans — especially low-and-middle income earners — through rising transportation and shipping costs that drive up prices of everyday goods and services.

Instead of placing the burden on the backs of Americans in the form of higher taxes, It is time for Washington to rein in irresponsible spending and take a hard look at the billions of dollars already being wasted on things that have nothing to do with maintaining and modernizing our roads and bridges.