Jan 13, 2016

A Vision to Unleash America’s Potential

Post by Derek Yale

Freedom Partners’ president, Marc Short, describes a vision for America that promotes freedom, prosperity and opportunity.  Read the full blog post on Medium.


A Vision to Unleash America’s Potential

As President Barack Obama prepares to lay out his vision for 2016 and beyond in his final State of the Union address, Americans will be asking whether our nation is stronger after seven years of his big-government policies.

The answer is a resounding “no.”…

…Millions of Americans want jobs but still can’t find them. Our labor force participation rate—the percentage of working-age adults who are employed or are actively looking for work—has continued falling since 2008. Today, it’s at its lowest level since Jimmy Carter was president…

… And then there’s health care. Despite the president’s promises, Obamacare has left struggling Americans with skyrocketing costs and fewer options. Those who cannot afford the coverage they need are forced to pay a penalty. And even Hillary Clinton—an adamant Obamacare supporter credited with shaping the law and getting it passed—acknowledges that more people are being pushed into part-time jobs because businesses are unable to afford the employer mandate.

Finally, over the past seven years, government spending has skyrocketed. In 2017 the national debt will hit $20 trillion—an increase of nearly 100% in just eight years.

This is not the vision Mr. Obama painted for America back in 2009…

…That’s because more government, more regulation, and more intrusion into Americans’ lives doesn’t work. It builds barriers to opportunity—not break them down. It stifles prosperity for everyone but the wealthy and the well-connected. And it prevents the American people from truly unleashing the power of a free society.

We believe America needs a new vision.

The country deserves a vision that promotes freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. We’ve spent the last seven years relying on Washington to solve our nation’s problems, and it has only made things worse.

It’s time to reduce the power in Washington and embrace the freedom and ingenuity of the American people.

That’s what we stand for at Freedom Partners. Our members and supporters have a vision to unleash America’s potential. America was built on the promise that anyone—anyone—could climb the ladder of opportunity…

…In the states, that means providing choice and competition in our public school system to put students first, not powerful unions. It means giving workers the freedom to choose whether to pay dues to a union that doesn’t represent their interests. It means removing frivolous occupational licensing requirements that restrict competition and can make it impossible for those with limited means to begin a career. And it means fixing a broken criminal justice system that stacks the deck against the least fortunate.

On the federal level, we will continue our efforts to undo the harmful impacts of Obamacare. We will put the focus back on providing greater access to quality care and make healthcare truly affordable, rather than simply putting an Obamacare insurance card in everyone’s pocket…

…In 2016, Americans face a choice between more government and more freedom. If we make the right choice, we can once again get America back on the right track. Together, we can restore the great American promise of a brighter and better future.