Jun 05, 2018

When it comes to spending, both parties have lost their way

Post by Freedom Partners

A recent article from the Washington Post (Democrats, emboldened by GOP cuts and policies, back bigger government, 5/27/18) encapsulates an important problem: lawmakers in both political parties have completely lost their way on spending.

The recent Republican-led $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill pushed total Washington spending above $4 trillion annually for the first time in American history and set the stage for continuous massive increases in federal spending.

Encouraged by this spending, Democrats have outlined plans to spend even more. Democratic leaders are touting proposals that would add billions to our debt.

It is the fiscal equivalent of buying a home you can’t afford and then going straight to a Ferrari dealership for a new ride.

This is why our network is targeting legislators on both sides of the aisle to stop reckless spending. Policymakers should use their final opportunity before the midterm elections to pass a spending plan that shows they are serious about fiscal restraint.

History shows that Washington has a spending problem, not a tax problem. In the years following tax cuts under Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bush, federal revenues increased. The real culprit behind our piling debt is unaccountable spending. Americans deserve leaders who will tackle tough problems before they become unmanageable financial disasters.