Who’s Jeopardizing Tax Reform?

Washington has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unrig the economy and deliver a simpler, fairer tax code for all Americans. That means more jobs, higher wages, and more financial security for individuals and families.

Tax reform will let hardworking Americans keep more of what they earn, treat everyone the same, and stop politicians, the powerful, and the well-connected from rigging the system for their personal benefit at the expense of ordinary Americans.

But right now, millions of dollars are being spent to mobilize an army of lobbyists in Washington to protect industry-specific carve outs not explicitly addressed in the Big 6 framework. If lawmakers cave to this pressure and start picking certain preferences to keep, it could jeopardize the entire effort – and everyone would lose.

Help us send a message to Washington to stand up for taxpayers – not those protecting the rigged system. Unrig the economy and support tax reform.

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