Jun 06, 2018

Bipartisan Trade Bill Wins Backing of AFP, Freedom Partners and The LIBRE Initiative

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – Bipartisan legislation introduced today by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and others to give Congress greater input into certain tariffs gained the support of Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, and The LIBRE Initiative, the groups said in a letter to Sen. Corker and his colleagues.

Below is the full text of the letter:

June 6, 2018

Dear Senator Corker:

Trade is an essential part of the U.S. economy. It leads to economic growth, job creation, higher wages, more consumer choice, and more affordable prices. Trade lifts people out of poverty and improves lives.

By contrast, trade barriers like tariffs harm workers, consumers, and companies. Thus, as staunch advocates for U.S. economic prosperity and job creation, we are deeply concerned about recently implemented or announced tariffs on imported goods. These developments were quickly followed by announcements from our trade partners, including some of America’s closest allies, of retaliatory tariffs.

Trade barriers make us poorer. Tariffs are a tax on American consumers, workers and businesses and undermine economic growth. They inflict the most pain on those who can afford it the least, by making everyday goods more expensive. They raise costs for U.S. exports which rely on imports in production, which makes them less competitive. And, of course, there are the costs from retaliatory tariffs imposed by our trade partners.

Because there is so much at stake in our trade policies, it is vital for Congress to play a robust role to closely scrutinize new tariffs. Your legislation would help ensure an appropriate balance between the legislative and executive branches when considering new trade barriers.

Specifically, the legislation would ensure that any new trade barriers, such as tariffs, under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 are subject to an expedited up-or-down vote by Congress before they can take effect. It would also give Congress an opportunity to weigh in on any tariffs imposed over the last two years. We believe this is a common-sense approach to ensure a healthy balance between branches of the federal government, by reverting to Congress some of the authority it previously delegated to the executive branch.

Trade between countries is voluntary and mutually beneficial to both parties. It is a win-win. Trade is vitally important for preserving – and improving – the standard of living for all Americans.

We strongly support your efforts and encourage all Senators to support this legislation.


Brent Gardner
Chief Government Affairs Officer
Americans for Prosperity

Nathan Nascimento
Executive Vice President
Freedom Partners

David Velazquez
Executive Director
The LIBRE Initiative


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