Apr 12, 2016

Statement on FAA Reauthorization Talks

Post by Derek Yale

Arlington, VA – Negotiations over a new FAA reauthorization collapsed today due to objections to energy tax giveaways attached to the bill, according to a report by POLITICO. Leadership now plans to pursue a clean extension.

Freedom Partners Senior Policy Advisor Andy Koenig Issued The Following Statement:

“Americans oppose corporate welfare and they’re tired of lawmakers handing out special benefits to the well-connected. When Washington tries to bury billions in special interest giveaways into any legislation, Freedom Partners will continue to shine a spotlight on it. Congress is right to reject this backroom deal and move ahead with a clean FAA extension.”

As part of its campaign against corporate welfare, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce joined with Americans for Prosperity and over 30 free-market groups in calling for senators to oppose using the FAA as a vehicle to extend unrelated tax subsidies for renewable energy and other industries. The two organizations also released a memo that outlines why tax credit giveaways to energy companies should not be included in the FAA bill or any other legislation.