Dec 14, 2018

First Step Act Will Ease the Burden on Taxpayers

Post by Geoff Holtzman

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners Chairman Mark Holden issued the following statement on today’s report from the Congressional Budget Office:

“Criminal justice reform isn’t just about saving dollars, but there’s no denying that reforms like the First Step Act will help address Washington’s overspending problem. Reducing recidivism and helping people go from prison to paycheck will create thousands of new taxpayers and shrink prison costs in the years to come. States like Texas have shown that making a small initial investment in anti-recidivism programs has an enormous positive fiscal impact in the long-run.”


The First Step Act is modeled after successful criminal justice reforms in states like Texas and Georgia.

  • Texas’s criminal justice reforms have saved the state over $3 billion since 2007.
  • Georgia’s criminal justice reforms have saved the state nearly $200 million since 2011.

Fact: BOP spending has ballooned from $330 million in 1980 to over $7 billion today. Without reforms such as the First Step Act, this figure will continue spiraling out of control.