Nov 14, 2018

Freedom Partners, AFP, The LIBRE Initiative Call on Presidents Trump, Xi to Eliminate Tariffs

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and The LIBRE Initiative today released a letter to President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping urging the two leaders to utilize an upcoming meeting at the G-20 to come together and eliminate tariffs and trade barriers for the benefit of both nations.

“There is great urgency for the United States and China to come together and reach an agreement to eliminate tariffs and protectionist trade policies,” the groups wrote. “The continued escalation of tariffs has come at significant cost to the global economy. It has harmed businesses, farmers, consumers, workers, and families worldwide, inflicting higher costs, lost jobs, and uncertainty.”

They added, “Trade creates millions of jobs and provides affordable prices for goods and services, giving consumers and their families in the United States and China an opportunity to succeed and thrive. We urge you, as two powerful leaders, to meet the challenge of global leadership.”